I grew up around  yoga but only became interested when my work as a sign language interpreter caused repetitive injury. My path led me to many different styles but gratefully guided me towards Iyengar yoga and my whole life changed.

 I love the focus, attention that is brings to my body and mind.  I spent many years working in theater in NYC until the stress level sent me back to yoga class. I never looked back. Now, my interest it towards the subtler aspects of this practice.

I moved to Mexico in 2010 to start a new life. My yoga practice is what supported me through the ups and downs. I'm thrilled to now be teaching on line so I can reach all sorts of people and share this amazing practice.  

 I trained at the New York Institute of Iyengar yoga with Mary Dunn. My teachers include Carrie Owerko, Laurie Blakeney, Mary Obendorfer, Eddy Marks, Devki Desai and Gulnaaz Dashti. And of course at the top of all these are the Iyengars where I study every two years. 

‚ÄčMy passion is sharing the innumerable gifts of Iyengar yoga so that you can live a more healthful and vivacious life.

I love sharing this practice in a creative, explorative space/.


Until I started attending Jen's yoga classes I never really understood what yoga was.  All my life I have gone off and on to yoga classes only to leave frustrated and feeling "inadequate" and often times feeling blah.  After attending Jen's Iyengar classes I now have a passion, appreciation and understanding of what yoga is and should be!   I discovered an incredible teacher that spends time with me, and all her students to make sure that we gradually and accurately learn asanas (poses) in a meaning and purposeful way.  I discovered that yoga really is important and life changing when understood and practiced correctly.  I have changed mentally and physically in a way that brings happiness and health to my life thanks to Jen introducing me to Iyengar yoga and guiding and encouraging me along the way.

Marsha Ramsey


After practicing various forms of Yoga for a couple years, I was ready to take my Ashtanga practice to the next level. I felt that many of my fundamentals were off which in turn was impairing my ability to grow and improve. Jenn was able to identify several items at the core of my practice and worked intensively to correct my alignment in numerous postures. She helped me uncover my weaknesses that I had been trying to overcome with my strengths instead of correcting the root of the problem. After returning to my regular practice, I was quickly achieving poses that I had been working on for months. My overall awareness, especially in my core/trunk, has significantly improved which has led to deeper stretches in every pose. This was definitely worth my time and led to a far better vacation in San Miguel!- Cole



I’m a writer, which means sitting at my desk for many hours. That combined with back issues meant I was often in pain. I have practiced yoga before but not Iyengar — certain that the props meant it was not “real yoga.” Well, I was wrong.  In a few short months,  practicing with Jen has greatly impacted   my everyday life. I now have the tools not only to get my self out of pain (I used to see a chiropractor regularly)  and stay out,  but it has also been a way to know my body more.  Jen  knows her stuff — she’s been through years of training. And equally important, she’s firm but patient. I’ve heard others say it, but now I am one of them: Jen is by far one of the best yoga teachers I’ve had. –Anar Ali

Anar Ali


Jennifer meets you right where you are.  She’s a great listener and observer of her students, making us comfortable and challenging us (somehow she found the abs that seemed to have disappeared after my kids were born). Flexible, tough, and kind, she’s the best kind of teacher.

Justine Henning


After starting to take regular classes with Jen, I have seen so much improvement in my practice. Jen’s teaching style is very unique, she has a gentle way of pushing her students in order for us to dive deeper into our practice and discover a capability you didn’t know was there. Jen’s instruction also helped me to understand more of what is happening in my body, how to recognize when I am not aligned and to correct myself properly. Her Passion for Yoga is infectious and inspiring!

Frank Ricci


Jen is an amazing teacher! I always learn something new in her class, which I have been taking since 2006. Her fresh and humorous way of explaining poses has often given me sudden insight into asanas that Ifirst started doing 20 years ago. Each class is thoughtfully developed and distinct from the one before it (unlike some teachers’, who just do the same old thing, week after week). I highly recommend Jen Kagan’s classes for anyone who wants yoga that is refreshing,challenging, and fun.

Karen Fein